Crafting Your Financial Future

Our Personalized Process

At Meeks Capital, we believe that a personalized approach to financial planning is the key to helping our clients achieve financial success.

Step 1

Discovery Meeting

Our Process for every client Starts with a Get to know us Meeting!

The focus and value of our service begins with identifying what is important to you and your expectations for how your finances should be. During this exchange, we will review any financial documents brought to the discussion. We will ask qualifying questions, share information, and just get comfortable with each other. An evaluation will then be made as to whether we should move to the next step.

During the meeting, we will:

If we both decide this a good fit we get started on the next stage.

Step 2

Development Meeting

After the first meeting, we start to identify what matters most to you, including your monetary needs, family, and future plans.

Step 3

Implementation Meeting

A financial plan is of little value if no action is taken. By implementing the recommended tasks in your plan, you begin to achieve your goals.

The final step in our process is the Monitoring and Adjusting Course Phase

Step 4

Monitor and Adjust Course

The step stresses the importance of the dynamic nature of your finances along with the changes that life naturally brings

We will make every effort to embrace your life goals and develop solutions that reflect how YOU define true wealth!

We will make every effort to embrace these life goals and develop solutions that reflect how YOU define true wealth – not us!

Helping you Navigate Life's Financial Journey